Jewelry Care


Jewelry occupy a special place in the heart and in the wardrobe of every woman. They need care and love as well as people. But do you know how to take care of them so that they live forever?

We have prepared a check-list for you, following which you can give your jewelry eternal life and (who knows?) even give them to your granddaughters!

· Protect your jewelry from scratches and dents: to do this, remove jewelry during washing hands or taking shower, playing sports and playing with your favorite pet.
· Prolonged contact with water does not have a good effect on the state of jewelry, so before taking a bath or going to the pool do not forget to leave your jewelry in a safe place for them.
· Keep away from direct sunlight and high temperatures: do not leave jewelry on the windowsill on a sunny day!
· Furthermore keep jewelry away from chemically active substances: rings and earrings are best worn after applying cosmetics.
· The same applies to perfume: first apply your favorite fragrance, only then – your favorite earrings and amulet.

Where to store jewelry?

In a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and heaters. Each piece of jewelry should be kept separate from the others: for example, in a separate pouch, sachet or a box, so that they do not scratch each other, and the chains are not confused.

That’s all! These simple tips will help your jewelry to live happily ever after and someday become a true family heritage!