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Who am I?

My name is Kristina Shakht. I am a visual artist. I am the founder of Deep In The Forest Lab, and I act as a creative director, photographer and designer. I would say that I am a Renaissance woman.

What DeepInTheForestLab is about?

Deep In The Forest Lab is a project about fashion, design, art and individual expression. My goal is to experience and display the present’s interaction with context and how that creates evolution. We are all connected, and our purpose is to create in the spirit of this unity. 

The DeepInTheForest Jewelry brand was born in early 2015. My jewelry is a love story with natural materials, such as raw minerals and silver. They are also about female nature, beauty, fragility and strength. Jewelry for me is a way of expressing myself in details. I love the details, and I always pay special attention to them. My brand is about me – each piece of jewelry I create for myself, and then they find a response from the women like me – different from others, distinguished from the crowd, who have their own opinion, wisdom and philosophy. My jewelry is for women who subtly feel the world and beauty around and who are aware about what they want and need.

Since January 2019 brand is growing bigger – it includes bags and accessories.

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